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How to balance your work and love life

Balance your work and love life for a happier relationship

How do you balance work and love? Both are important parts of your life, and it can be difficult to organize them so that one doesn't take over the other.

When we are in a new relationship, we often want to spend all our time with that person and work can seem to get in the way. You want to lie in with your new lover in the mornings, not get up and go to work! But if you are working towards building your career, you also need to be present in your workplace and show willingness to advance yourself, so how can you balance them both?

Manage your time

Managing work and love takes organization and planning. You need to manage your time so that both things get your attention and neither suffers from neglect. Think of ways in which you can sustain your relationship while you're at work; a lunchtime phone call, a text sent on your break, an email suggesting a new restaurant to visit or a weekend break you could take together. Try not to talk about work when you're with your special partner. Park work at the door and spend your time together working on your relationship and bringing you closer together. Of course it's ok to mention how your career is going, but if you're frustrated with work and you can't stop talking about it on a date, then your partner is going to get bored.

Plan a special night

If you have to work late or work overtime hours, make sure that you counteract that by organizing a night out with your partner or spending a night in, but make that night special. Light those candles, order in some great food and set the mood for a special evening. If you are asked to go to a conference or seminar, reassure your lover that you will miss him and plan for times when you can call or use a service like Skype to catch up. Bring him back a gift to show that you have been thinking about him. Your career can also be time consuming when you have exams or tests to take and you need time to study or revise. Balance your time away from your partner with quality time with him. Think of new experiences or adventurous date ideas that you can share and make the time that you do have together memorable.

You can balance your career and your love life with careful planning and organization. Making sure your partner feels loved and wanted when you are away can counteract the time you have to spend at work. You might have to manage your time carefully, but you can have a healthy and happy relationship and a career as well!

Source: Flickr - jodiwomack